When she isn’t baby anymore!

It just feels only yesterday when i was holding a little tiny baby girl in my arms. Today I find her a way smarter. She even knows how to ask her papa to play peek-a-boo together.

Lately, I was struck by a revelation that my dear baby wasn’t really a baby anymore ?. Every time I look at her, I see her as a big girl who is so curious and excited about something new.

Another progress happened. A few months ago, when she started feeding herself, she used to grasp her food with her whole hand and tried to shove her whole hand into her mouth. But I recently noticed she began to use her fingers to pick up specific part of the foods. From articles I read, this step has something to do with her development of fine motoric skills like writing, clumping, cutting, etc. So I should just let it happens, and not to push her to jump into the next step of feeding: using cutlery.

For another surprise, just as everyone told me it would, my baby found her voice and started saying baba. I wasn’t surprised, is her papa is her first love, right?. Her second words is mamam. I don’t exactly know, does it refer to me as her mama or it means she wants to eat in bahasa (Ind: makan). A day after, she added  her vocabulary further with words like red, juice, sayang (eng: love), apa (eng: what).

It’s trully amazing how much she has changed and developed in just 9 months. I keep on thinking of what will happen when she becomes 1 year old and starts to walking and having her own choice instead of doing everything what mama told.

One thing, though, luckily for me she still needs a lot of pamperings, always wants cuddles and hugs from me, and me alone ❤️


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