Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables at Al Rahba Organic Farms

I think it’s a kind of activity that can be a good alternative for spending weekend with your kids. The location is approximately 35 km away or 25 minutes driving from our home, Khalifa City.

Actually, it really is a rare experience for me to learn about organic farming in the desert. Farming in UAE is challenging because of water scarcity, high soil salinity, elevated temperatures and high humidity, but the government giving incentives to encourage domestic production by involving an expert to provide a training for the farmers. So the number of local farms, the varieties and the total production could be increasing in quantity and quality every year. The process started with building a soil, saving the seeds, conserving water and if everything working perfectly we can make a daily harvest.

Al Rahba Farm offered an experience to involved in daily harvest process. Yes! With no entrance fee, we are welcome to pick paprika, chili, tomato, kale, cauliflower and many more. My friends’s daughter was also so busy for sorting eggs in the chicken coop.

After finishing all the activities, we paid the farmer for all vegetables and egg that we picked before. We got a good price, 20 dirhams for paprikas, a large bunches of kale, tomatoes and red chili. For sure, we won’t forget to eat all that lovely fresh organic vegetables at home.

The farm is close during the summer, if you are interested and wanna come to this place, I suggest you to visit early in the morning or your days will be hot and sunny.


Organic Farm Al Rahba
GPS Coordinate: 24.611083 ; 54.695732
Opening hours: Saturday, 9am-4pm
Phone: 0566854838
Website: Al Rahba Farm


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