The Art of Cut and Paste (Decoupage!)

Friday morning, i finally started my decoupage project. I bought a tray from Jareer book store as a media. I choose a tissue paper with London theme, remembering that I want to visit that place someday. Ssst! I just following law attraction theory from the secret ?.

Now, i’m going to share the step-by-step to decoupage:

  1. Get your material ready! After choosing a media that you want to decoupage. Select the tissue paper and colour background you like. You can use either all the picture on tissue paper or part of it. I suggest you to mix and match the combination between the background and the tissue paper. In my case, since i’m a beginner, i play safe and choose white color as a background ?.
  2. Paint the media. I waited for about 20 minutes to make it dry.
  3. Continue with a sandpaper to quickly remove the imperfections. Apply the glue onto the surface and the back of tissue paper. I use paintbrush to make a thin layer. Wait until half dry.
  4. Place the tissue paper on top of the glued-surface. Do it smoothly until the tissue paper is perfectly stick into the surface. I used paintbrush to make sure the bubbles are removed. Wait until 10 minutes.
  5. Re-apply the glue onto the tissue paper to make sure it sticks. This time, let it completely dry.
  6. Cut any excess tissue paper, continue with sandpaper to tidy it up.
  7. Apply some layers of varnish as a protective coat, use paintbrush or sponge. Allow to dry and then repeat as much as you want. Like i wrote before , wikipedia recommend to repeat the varnish until 30/40x to get a perfect result. But i did it only twice ?.

Actually i did it for special purpose, parents as role models should give attention for the development of children. I keep my day busy doing something beneficial so she captures her mom not only as a cook, blogger etc. In her golden age, I want my daughter to have many option to develop her personal interests. By doing decoupage, she can be involved in the moments she touches the brush, watches me do it, and sees the result. Its a kind of quality time for us.


    1. Thank you Zeyna. Its based on my experience. I love cooking because i’m used to see my mom and my grandma cooking. So does writing, my mom has a daily journal and expenses book and that’s what I do right now. So this is my effort to add the option 😀

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