Mediterranean Cuisine at Todd English Olives
William Todd English is an American celebrity chef that best known for his TV cooking show, Food Trip with Todd English, on PBS. Last Thursday I got a chance to [...]
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Ketika Saya Memutuskan Menjadi Ibu Rumah Tangga
Per bulan Agustus 2017 nanti, terhitung sudah 3 tahun saya meninggalkan dunia kerja. Saya belum bisa move on dan mungkin tidak akan move on 😁. Mengapa? Banyak hal yang saya [...]
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Here’s What You Need To Know About Palmer’s Lip Balm
A few months ago I have covered Palmer’s Fantastic Four Lotion and Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. This time, allow me to write about Palmer’s Lip Balm series. Ingredients Come in [...]
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Legends of Arabia: Quest of the Pearl Tribes
Have you ever wondered how was it like to be an ancient Arab tribe who wandered the desert for errands and battled against each other? Have you ever watched a [...]
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Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables at Al Rahba Organic Farms
I think it’s a kind of activity that can be a good alternative for spending weekend with your kids. The location is approximately 35 km away or 25 minutes driving [...]
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Sharjah, the center of Culture and Science.
In the UAE, Abu Dhabi is known as the capital and also the country’s center of business and economic activity, while Dubai is known for its Mega constructions and modern [...]
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Veggie Ifumie
Rice is Indonesian daily dish. We eat rice thrice daily, yup! From breakfast until dinner. If you don't believe me, just visit any food stall, cafe or restaurant in Indonesia.
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One Fine Afternoon at The Kite Beach
Last Saturday husband and I were decided to visit Kite Beach in Dubai to attend one of iconic australian beach lifestyle brand's event.
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A Taste of Kuzbara, Marriot Downtown Abu Dhabi
I have given the chance to come to the soft launching of Kuzbara, a buffet restaurant located at Marriott Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Actually Kuzbara will be officially launched on September [...]
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