Splashing the pool with kiddo

Weekend has come, so husband and I agreed to join Water Splash Session with Speedo, an in-pool family gathering sponsored by Speedo, one of leading brands of swimming products. The event was held at the pool area of The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai.

I had everything packed one night before, so we can quickly be ready to go in the early morning. We left home at around 7:20 AM and drove for 1.5 hour from Abu Dhabi to the venue. We were thrilled because it’s our first time joining formal swimming class for my baby. Furthermore, I can meet up with my friends from #uaemombloggers community ?

The hotel’s location is strategically located next to the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world. I loved the arabian atmosphere of the hotel, with the Souq Al Bahar beside the hotel entrance. The consierge warmly informed us the pool’s location.

We came a bit late, but the Speedo Swimsquad team still gave a short briefing to the audience. We changed into swimsuits provided by Speedo and get in the pool quickly so we didn’t miss any activities guide by the instructor.

The instructor was so patient and she even remembered the name of each baby. We were splashing and singing hokey pokey nursery rhyme together. My baby loved to swim, she really felt comfortable in the water. Maybe it’s because since she was 3 months I already brought her to the beach and pools.

The Speedo was called leading brand not for nothing. The fabric was soft and comfortable, and the cut was fashionable. All in all, the suits were designed and built to support our swimming activities. We enjoyed the suits and the event.

Husband and I are believe that swim is an essential life skill. It is also a great exercise for kids. It is not only a really good physical activity but also gives our daughter confidence in the water. But most importantly, it’s lots of fun from splashing the water all around.

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