Palmers Brand Experience: The Fantastic Four Lotion

  • Category : English, Review
  • By : Ayu Tanimoto
  • Date : 25 December, 2016


As a Christmas gift, I received 4 handbag samples of Palmers lotions. I already use 2 from 4 products long before palmers send the sample. So, when Palmers ask me to make a review about their products, the review will be based on my experience.

Let me explain my experience with those products.

1. Cocoa butter lotion, Let me tell you a secret! It becames my arsenal to fight the the summer sun! The ingredients of the lotion is full of Coconut Butter and Vitamin E. It transforms even the roughest, driest areas into buttery soft skin. It is also works for normal to dry to eczema prone skin. Its effectively heals and softens the skin. The scent are fresh and not to sweet, that’s why i buy it for the very first time. I don’t use it for now, though, because it’s winter already ?.

2. Shea butter lotion, my first impression when I applied the lotion to my hand was: OMG! I LOVE THE SCENT! ?. This product not only contains vitamin E but also soybean oil that helps prevents skin from dehydration. Also added to the mixture is Grape seed oil that popularly known to keep skin looking youthful. The most important element is its oatmeal extract which can calm and soothe irritation. I think this product perfect for the ones who have dry and sensitive skin like me.

3. Coconut lotion, it scented sweet just like the coconut. It contains coconut oil as a main ingredient that commonly known to have benefit for moisturizing the skin. After I apply the lotion my skin feels hydrating, soothes and comforts, thanks to the raw and natural ingredients almond oil and monoi oil.

4. Olive Lotion, it contains antioxidant that rich of extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks by building collagen to increase the elasticity of the skin. I recommend this product for pregnant women since all the ingredients are natural. Furthermore, the light and fresh fragrance can help me to feel more relaxed.

After reading my review, hopefully you can decide what product that may suit with your skin needs. If you don’t mind, let’s share with me, which one is your favorite.


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