One Day Vacation in Polynesia

Have you ever heard about Polynesian food?

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t. That’s why husband and I were really excited when we received a daycation brunch invitation from Lapita Hotel and Resort. We’re not only excited about the food but also the resort itself.

What’s so great about Lapita?
Its location inside the Dubai Park and Resort, Middle Easts largest Hollywood inspired theme park. The ambiance and atmosphere make the resort top notch, I felt like I took a vacation in Hawaii. No wonder, because Lapita has Polynesian themed resort hotel, with an intriguing tribal theme which inspires guests of all ages to learn about the Polynesian culture and heritage.

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When I entered the Lapita Restaurant, I could see seafoods all around. Thankfully, though, that I met Chef Joseph who patiently explained about the characteristic and uniqueness of Polynesian cookings. As an archipelago, Polynesian’s main resources comes from the ocean. It’s the reason why many of the dishes have seafood as their main ingredient. On the other hand, as a tropical country, Polynesia also has fertile land so they have diverse choices of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Naturally, they combine the sources from the ocean and the land into the dishes.

Actually, there were so many option of Japanese Food, Chinese Food and even many selection of cheese, but I just wanted to put Polynesian food into my mouth. So, I walked around, tried them one by one and the “Polynesian Tahitian Shrimp” easily became my favorite. Ask my husband how I hate shrimp! But in this place, I wanted more, more, and more shrimps! So did lobster. I didn’t even remember how many shrimps I ate. Both of these menu had excellent flavor.

Sweets upon sweets were there to complete your meals. As UAE has black gold, so does Lapita has chocolate golds. Lots of chocolate bars and coins were spread on the table, along with a tall fondue to glaze fruit dices and marshmallow. The fondue was unique as sprung chocolate and thick green tea milk! I loved that green tea covered marshmallow on a stick, or should I say: on sticks? There was also organic edible garden, where you could pluck vegetables from a soil made of cream and oreo crumble. What a healty dose of guilty feeling.

What makes it awesome?
While we ate, various entertainment, like live music, massage corner and area for kids activities extended and complemented that fun and lovely atmosphere. This atmosphere is a big part of what brings Lapita to the next level.

After we finished roaming the restaurant, we went to the outdoor area. There’s the open air kitchen where the food was cooked on naked flame. The outdoor area is surrounded by the hotel rooms. With their best location, delicious food and drinks, plus those entertainments, Lapita is an option that is not to be missed for family holiday.

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*all the pictures credit to my husband


    1. It is not spicy, several dishes using lemon and mint so it tastes fresh. So i don’t think its close to indian or arabian cuisine. Just try it this Friday, they have special promotion “adults eat for free” 😉

  1. Amazing! This lovely place really feels like you’re in Polynesia. Looks like everyone had a grand time 🙂 we’ve been meaning to visit the Dubai Parks and Resorts! Hope I could join you guys as well in the future events! 😉

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