Make Your Own Floating Balloons with Balloonee!

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  • By : Ayu Tanimoto
  • Date : 27 January, 2018

My #BabyDei is already two years old now, yet I still remembered the excitement we had when we celebrated her first birthday a bit more than a year ago. We decided to handle everything without hiring an event organizer, we had to make the preparation ourselves, from selecting the venue, choosing the birthday cake tart, and buying the balloons!

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Yes, the balloons were we, and especially hubby, remembered the most from that event. He had to go to a party equipments store, purchased 20 big, floating balloons, brought them through the mall to the parking lot, and then struggled to put those balloons into our car’s baggage compartment. We never knew that or such a light-weight objects, balloons would require our effort and determination. It was as if they really didn’t want to be locked in the trunk.

What complicated things a bit more was the fact that floating balloons would not last long. If we bought them any day before the D-Day, they wouldn’t be half exciting by the time we put them to the party. For best result, balloons need to be bought just before the party started. That means, we had to manage our precious time even more to squeeze the balloon-buying activity into our already jam-packed schedule.

If only there was such thing as instant floating balloon, that we could buy in our leisure time, and be made floating in a flick of time when we need them to float.

Well, here comes Baloonee! With just a phone call, Balloonee will deliver a tank (or more, if you really need a lot of balloons) of helium gas, the uninflated balloons, and a balloon-inflation device to your choice of address. Balloonee offers three sizes of helium packages:

  • Standard, which provides you with 125 latex balloons and 140m of white ribbons,
  • Jumbo, that will bring you 250 balloons and 280m of white ribbons, and,
  • Mega, if you need up to 500 balloons and 560m of white ribbons.

Best of all, they all are free delivery and pickup, no deposit, and no rental!

For our latest event, they sent us Standard Helium package. Since the helium comes in the tank, you can ask them to be delivered a few days prior the event without fearing the gas escaping and, trust me, transporting a tank of helium is a lot easier than transporting a bunch of helium balloons.

Inflating those balloons are also easy. Just screw in the regulator, stick the rubber nozzle into the mouth of the balloon, and then bend and hold the nozzle body to any direction. Immediately the gas will start inflating the balloon. When you reach the desired balloon size, release the nozzle to stop the helium flow. You then just have to tie the balloon, put a string if necessary, and repeat the process. Once the party’s over, you can then again call Balloonee to arrange the pick-up of the regulator and tank.

Now that we know about Balloonee, our daughter doesn’t have to wait for her birthday to enjoy helium balloons. We can order Balloonee to bring the package any time we feel like surprising our little #babyDei.

Balloonee did not only make our baby’s dream came true, but also helped in making us adult realising our dream. Hubby loves taking pictures, and I love my pictures be taken. One of our dream pictorial was about having fun with balloons. Before, it was just a dream because, just imagining the hassle of transporting those balloons to the scene put our photographic mood off.

Now, once again, Balloonee came to the rescue. It was so easy now in preparing the balloons, that finding the scenery, and living the scene were back to be our main focus of photo-shooting session. In short, floating balloons are now easy come, easy go, and lots of fun.

**This post is in collaboration with Balloonee.  For more info, visit their website here or contact their whatsapp number: +971552903495. All photos and opinions shared are my own.



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