Madang-Korean Restaurant

I recently visited an authentic Korean restaurant near my home, is in Al Ghazal Golf Club near Abu Dhabi Airport. Named Madang Restaurant, it’s situated beside the driving range. Eventhough it seemed quite quiet, I suggest you guys to make a reservation first. Because when I entered the restaurant, there were so many people dined in for lunch.

The ambiance

The first time I saw the building, it looked more European than Korean. But once I walked inside, I could feel the Korean vibes all around. Korean music was welcoming me as I stepped in to the restaurant. Near the entrance, there were Halibuts and Flonders, native fishes of Jeju Island, swam in the aquarium. They were ready to be prepared as sashimi.

The next section is a dining place whose almost 75% of its floor was covered with a traditional floor setting. They also have around 4 private rooms with sliding doors and Korean ornaments on their walls. Most of the dining tables were low and required you to sit on the floors, and low dining tables for those who like to sit on the floor, but some standard ones, with dining chairs, were also available.


The waiters were warm and kind, but they didn’t mention any special promotion. Even though, by reading their announcement board at the entrance, I knew there were some that day. Speaking of promotions, they had a lot of programs such as weekdays lunch packages, or 40% discount of chicken menu in certain days, and many more. So you’d better check the board first.

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I ordered weekday lunch packages that consisted of Sogogi Soup, La Gal Bi, Yangnyom Chicken, and Bulgogi, with free flow tea. The food came with 7 side dishes (fruit salad, octopus salad, spinach salad, jap cae, chinese cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi) You can order the side dishes unlimitedly. I started the lunch with Sogogi Soup, a spicy soup whose main ingredient was beef. The soup also consisted of beansprout, cabbage, radish with light-but spicy broth. Truly perfect for winter! For main dish, first, I savoured La Gal Bi, a Beef Short Ribs grilled and served with lemon. The fresh ribs were marinated with sweet sauce. The delicious ribs perfectly blend with the sour of lemon. Followed after that was Yangnyom chicken, a crispy fried chicken. Dipped into sweet sauce made of garlic, gochujang and chili paste, the taste was superb! My 12 months old daughter really loved the bulgogi, a thinly sliced beef grilled with Korean barbecue sauce. The beef was so tender and tasty.

The location a bit far from Abu Dhabi city, but I do really recommend you to visit this restaurant and give it a try! Their delicious food, really worths every penny.


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