Lovely Valentine’s Day Gift

  • Category : English, Review
  • By : Ayu Tanimoto
  • Date : 1 March, 2017

Palmer’s has been so kind for sending me a box of cocoa butter as a valentine gift. I knew it was so late talking about valentine, February is over already. But surely I need more time to try the product since the box contained a set of Cocoa Butter for husband and I. I needed to persuade my husband to really tried it. Not only you, my self really wanted to know his opinion about Palmer’s men product.

Palmer’s cocoa butter for men contains pure cocoa butter and vitamin E formula. That’s why they guarantee it can moisturize skin for 24 hours. I think it suits my husband’s needs, remembering his activities are just sitting and programming a whole day long in air-conditioned room. Actually my husband doesn’t really like to use any lotion or butter in his body because it usually feels sticky. But as the label shown, it is fast absorbing. So I asked husband to use the butter and he agreed. Even after the butter has been applied on all over of his skin, it didn’t feel sticky because the butter felt mild and was fast absorbing into the skin. Another notes from me as his lovers, the cocoa butter scented non-overwhelmingly FRESH. I think it’s good to know, because most of women don’t like their spouses to smell sweet.

How about mine?

As usual, as Palmer’s loyal customer. I don’t have any complaints. But I wanna share my experience last week. When my family went to the pool, I forgot to bring any sunblock. So my skin became dry and irritated. I love to make an experiment, so I applied the cocoa butter onto my body and the formula really helped to sooth skin after sun exposure. Its rich and luxurious cocoa butter provides deep hydration all over the skin. What’s so important is all the ingredients are natural, no phthalate and preservative added.
*This is an honest review regardless as my status as Palmer’s Brand Ambassador

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