Legends of Arabia: Quest of the Pearl Tribes

Have you ever wondered how was it like to be an ancient Arab tribe who wandered the desert for errands and battled against each other? Have you ever watched a play that was so good but still thought that it shouldn’t end that way? Well, if you visit Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi this December, your wish will come true!

That’s because starting from December 9th, every 7 pm, as the play titled Legends of Arabia lifts their curtain, the water arena magically transforms into ancient Arab coastal and mountain area, where five warring Arab tribes dwell. The play is of special type called Live Action Role Play and, as the name implies, in this play you can not only watch the story unfold, but also be involved in it.

As you enter the area, you will be greeted bye team of hosts who will help fitting you with the wardrobe and props, then you will have to choose a tribe to join and the tribe’s chief will welcome you and explain you the basic rule of the play slash game. You may ask anything to him, just don’t expect any spoiler on the scenario. Anyway, once the play commences, you’ll see why he won’t give you a hint. The play starts with only a basic scenario. then, as the story unfurls, we as part of the story may decide how it should be experienced. In fact, we are encouraged to do so.

For two hours you will roam the Arab realm, hike their high lands, acquire magic talismans that give you super strength, negotiate with other tribes, or fight them should the negotiation fails. Well, with sword in hand, you will hope the diplomatic meeting fails and don’t worry, it will fail. Soon you will hear the battle cry, the adrenaline rush when the enemy faces you, the morbid satisfaction when you slay them, or the grief when you and your tribe lose.

No, I won’t betray my chief by telling you the legend, but suffice to say that you can expect an exhaustive yet exhilarating evening, and the epic tale will be concluded with a buffet of the same proportion, where you can brag your victorious battles.

Should you become intrigued with this action drama, please visit here to book you and your family a place.

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