Korean Drama Industry: Cultural and Economic Impact

In my community there are some people who underestimate the quality of Korean Drama. I don’t know exactly why, because most of them don’t even watch any single Korean Drama until finish. Too early too judge, perhaps?

I think there are many aspects that determine the movie quality. The producer, cast, director, wardrobe, setting and, the most important, the story itself. In fact, finding a good movie in Korean Drama is as easy as finding one in Hollywood movies.

In this article, I want to invite you to pay attention to Korean Drama industry that overwhelmingly powerful and remarkably popular. The popular definiton isn’t only about the number of their fanatic fans, but more to their success in introducing korean culture to the world.

For example, I learned a lot about traditional wedding preparation in Korea by watching 20 episodes of “Can We Get Married?” and 16 episodes of “Love and Marriage” drama
Let me explain in a bit what I got ?

Marriage, as the most important stage of someone’s life, needs a significant amount of time for the preparation. So, from episode to episode, the drama is all about how the groom and bride working harder to manage their emotion when preparing the wedding.

Korean traditional wedding

Since their wedding were decided by the groom and bride’s elders, problems start to appear when the bride’s elders give the list of dowry that must be provide by the groom. In return, the bride also needs to give something to the groom’s elders as a manner to say thank you.

Another conflict is about the background check (education, social, and economic status, etc) that is usual thing to do before the actual wedding is organized. The side who is found to have slacks should make a commitment to close the gaps.

Actually, the main story is familiar and so common to happen in other countries. But Korea is one step ahead for their creativity in packaging a simple idea into something out of the box.

Its wonderful when you see they still proudly wear hanbok (korean traditional dress) for the ceremony. It’s also amazing how you feel hungry and craving when the actors start to eat ssambap, bulgoggibibimbap, kimchi like I do . Even many moslems wanna try the taste of soju after watching the stars savor it ?.

The writer try to cook ssambap


Something that you think is small turns to be a huge factor that brings economical profit to korean national income.

If you don’t believe me, you guys can check how many people visit Korea because they watch it’s beauty through the Korean Dramas because I wanna go there someday ?.

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