Here’s What You Need To Know About Palmer’s Lip Balm

  • Category : English, Review
  • By : Ayu Tanimoto
  • Date : 11 April, 2017

A few months ago I have covered Palmer’s Fantastic Four Lotion and Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. This time, allow me to write about Palmer’s Lip Balm series.


Come in three varieties namely Original, Dark Chocolate & Mint, and Dark Chocolate & Cherry, Palmer’s lip balm contains Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E as active ingredients. These products are formulated specifically to moisturize the lips. Cocoa Butter is believed to help makes the skin supple, while Vitamin E, an effective anti-oxidant, reduces the free radicals. These lip balms are also fortified with SPF 15 to protect the lips from UV rays. Combined, those elements reduce and eliminate cracked lips and make them sparkle.

The natural ingredients of this lip balm also make it safe to use for children from six months old and above. A convenience feature for moms with little children like me.


The lip balm has rather unique shaped: oval-tube packaged in a carton whose color matches the variant. Some usual information such as ingredients and expiration date are written on the carton. The petite size make it travel friendly; it can easily accompany you in almost all of your activities.

The twist-to-advance mechanism makes this lip balm easy to apply. Just turn the knob at the bottom of the case to advance the stick, smear it evenly on your lips as needed, and turn it in reverse to retract the stick back into the container. Quick and hygiene, as no finger is needed.


The lip balm has soft and light texture, not too oily yet gives glossy finish to the lips. Its smooth scent can easily be accepted by most people, especially those who don’t like strong aroma. The moisturizing effect is quite long lasting (around 3-4 hours per application), suitable for people with super dry lips.


The price is affordable, around 18 dhs for original, 20 for Dark Chocolate & Mint, and 25 dhs for Dark Chocolate & Cherry variant.

Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of this lip balm as I found it.


  • Smooth textur
  • Long lasting moisturizing effect
  • Nice aroma
  • Contains SPF 15 and antioxidant
  • Travel Friendly


  • Its glossy finish makes it unsuitable for use as matte lipstick base


These lip balms are suitable for those dry lips. You can also wear it before sleep to make your lips supple and bright the following morning.All in all, because of its features (UV protection, antioxidant, and aroma) and its affordable price, this product is really worth trying.

Ah, last but not least, nowadays I know all fashionistas are being crazy about matte lipstick. But, according to my experience, it’s not advisable, due to its glossy finish, to apply this lip balm along with matte lipstick. Tips from me: it will be better if you treat your dry lips with this lip balm first, after it gets smooth and supple, you can freely apply matte lipstick. See the result, all I can say is just PERFECT!



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