Friday Brunch at City Cafe-Citymax Hotel Al Barsha

As we arrived at City Max hotel, Dubai, we were impressed with its vicinity to Mall of the Emirates: It literaly was stone throw away from this famous mall. My hubby and I conversed slightly and we agreed that staying here would be an interesting experience. This time, though, was not about staying but more towards one of its restaurant, City Cafe.

We were invited to enjoy the Friday Brunch at this venue but somehow the reservation didn’t get through. Fortunately, the management handled it professionally and within minutes. We were seated.

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On that Friday afternoon the restaurant was quite busy serving guests but not over crowded so we still have options for our table. There were two live kitchens and I went immediately to one of them to order one stir-fried seafoods, while my hubby choosed to roamed the premise to seek for nice angles for his pictures.

Within minutes, the sous chef, Prakash Yesudasan, presented me with the menu I ordered and I didn’t regret my choice. The seafood was fresh and sweet and the seasoning the chef put perfectly enhanced the taste. The next dish I took was sweet and sour sauce, which was equally superb, but my favorite was their vietnamese spring roll. The smoothness texture of its skin contrasted by the crunchy matchstick sized fresh, juicy vegetables masaged my pallate.

Soon I realized that there were so many asian cuisines on their tables, and that was something I rarely saw in the hotels of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. So I approached the assistant bar manager, Mr Beura to inquire about that and, according to him, they adjusted the restaurant’s daily menu based on the majority of hotel guesses during each particular day. A nice touch, I’d say, to better pamper their customers.

Later on, hubby told me that during his walkabout, he noticed that the crew were attentive and catered to the guesses’ interests. Menu were swiftly replenished and any fallen of the buffet’s dishes were quickly removed from the premise to ensure that they will not be accidentaly used.

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For a three star hotel, we were impressed by City Max’ standard of quality for their service. That, and its vicinity to MoE ensure their guests a nice stay and easy access to the mall as well as to the rest of Dubai through Dubai’s public transport system.

Later on Mr Beura added their Friday Brunch is available throughout the year, even during the summer. Also, for this holiday season, the offer a programme called Turkey Festive so we can have a warm and juicy, well, turkey with affordable price.

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