Flying with #babydei

Last month, I and my family travelled into our lovely home country, Indonesia. Fun yet scary because it was my first experience of bringing baby (7 months) for flying. I couldn’t imagine, what will happen in an 8 hours of flight to Jakarta, plus 1,5 hours of flight from Jakarta  to Surabaya.

I took some notes from the trip , as maybe someday I will need it again hahaha

  1. Don’t even forget to request baby bassinet to the airline you flew with. Eventhough #babydei only used the bassinet for 1 hour of sleeping, we can make the bassinet as an additional space ?. Just put the diapers, baby toys or anything inside to get more space on your seat. Ssst, actually I got this tips from #mamamysha.
  2. Any of us have felt that weird ear-popping sensation when travelling on a plane. It’s a common, normal part of flying. This is related to pressure changes in the air space behind the eardrum. That explains why so many babies cry during the last few minutes of the flight, when the air pressure in the cabin increases as the plane prepares to take off/landing. So does #babydei. Some simple thing to reduce this effect is by taking the breastfeed/bottle milk or put a food in the baby’s mouth so she can chew to make the Eustachian tubes become unclogged.
  3. Some airlines also provide baby food that placed on a jar, but I suggest you to bring your baby’s favorite food from home. Actually, I’m not kind of mother who strictly prohibit instant food but unfortunately, my baby doesn’t like it.
  4. Long before the day, try to talk with your baby that we’re going to vacation by plane. “We can see the sea from above the sky.”, “We will be so close with the stars!”, etc. Desribe anything fun about travelling. Make her feel happy and excited too. Eventhough she doesn’t seem to really understand, trust me that she does!
  5. Spread the positive vibe! Some of passengers even help me to babysit #babydei. So I can relax a bit and enjoy the flight hahahaha ?
  6. I feel haunted when imagine how the other passengers will stare at me if my baby starts to cry outloud. With a supportive travelmate beside you, you will feel warm and more relax to handle your baby. Thank you hubby! Finally we make it ❤️

Happy travelling!

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