Eczema: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Alhamdulillah, we entered the month of October, which meant that the summer was over. Apart from the heat, I didn’t really like summer because its dry weather made the skin parched. Also, as it turned out, this extreme condition affected Deira’s skin as well.

One morning earlier this summer I found her with red rash on one of her elbow. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but day after day the rash grew until one day I notice dried blood smeared the rash. Apparently the rash became itchy and naturally she scratch them. Immediately I brought her to Dr. Dinesh Banur, her pediatric consultant at NMC Royal Hospital in Khalifa City. Both Deira, my hubby, and me like him because he treated Deira with gentle care and answered many of our questions patiently and concisely. He also quite cautious in prescribing medications. He rarely ordered paracetamol, and even more rarely antibiotics. Mom’s milk is the best medicine we can give to our little one, he said.

Speaking of him and our baby’s rash, He diagnosed it as dermatitis atopic or known as Eczema. This is a skin condition happened to the hyper-sensitive skin, and manifested as inflamation and super itchy rash. If kept untreated, the rash could develop skin infection. This skin condition is hereditary and hence did not contagious.

I remembered when I was a little girl, I had the similar skin condition but, thank God, it subsided after I consumed monitor lizard’s meat. My mom fed me that lizard’s meat dish we me knowing it because it was believed, in javanese tradition, to have medicinal benefits toward multitude of akin problems and, believe it or not, I never had a relapse ever since. I wished I could feed Deira some of this meat but where could I find monitor lizard here in this desert, let alone people who sold and/or prepare it. If only camel’s meat had the same properties.

Anyway, dr Dinesh prescribed Peitel cream to heal the rash and Cetaphil lotion to keep her skin moist. The main purpose of this treatment was to aleviate the itch and to reduce the probability of skin infection. We needed to apply Cetaphil lotion right after Deira took a shower so some of the excess water left on her skin could also be retained by the cream as an added arsenal to keep her skin moist. The rash was largely reduced qithin the first 24 hours after we applied Peitel cream.

For her bath soap, it’s advisable to use perfume-free and presevative-free with 100% natural ingredients. After googling around for some times, I decided to use Allergika liquid soap. Alhamdulillah, Deira’s skin is more moist and a bit less sensitive now. I also minimized her exposure to the direct sun light to further reduce the chance of relapse. That’s my experience with Eczema and how Cetaphil and Allergika satisfactorily helped me against it.


  1. Aww same here! I have a very sensitive skin dear! Am glad there are hypoallergenic products available in the market to help soothe the skin. One of the best home remedy that works for me is applying Oatmeal mask πŸ™‚

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