Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum

It’s common for people arriving at a new place to experience “culture shock”. Culture shock is an uncomfortable feeling caused by the disappearance of everyday symbols that people used to see in their daily life.

Many things may trigger this culture shock. In my case, it was my previous status and profession.

My status as a single lady made me used to take decision on every thing in my sole interest. There was no such typical topics as “where does your husband work at?”, “where are the children study at?”. Those questions that were thrown when you started to stay here. Back then I had to deal only with “What do you do for living?”, “What is your hobby?”, and “What do you do at weekend?” -kind of questions.

Yes, the universe spun around me, myself, and I

Also, my previous profession made me interacted with people from various backgrounds such as government officials, ambassadors, businessman, etc. Many times, I had to meet them not only once or twice, but multiple times with high intensity.

The conclusion I got from those interactions was: The sky never declared itself high. People knows the sky is high, effortlessly.

That’s why I was surprised when I met some people in haute couture a la socialites and judge others based on what they wore. Hilarious.

Actually, when we look for the definition of “socialite” in dictionary:

… A person (usually from a privileged background) who has a largely known reputation and a high social position in upper class society. A socialite spends a significant amount of time attending various fashionable social gatherings.

It makes me wonder, so if you have not boarded the airline in first class, have not driven Rolls Royce, have never brought kangkoong in Hermes ala @princessyahrini, and have no connection with any royal family, will the real socialites will only see you as social-climber, at best ?

Last but not least, in my personal opinion, not surprising if those sosialite-wannabes act more brightly than the real one, because they have to advertise themself in their effort to be recognized. The real socialtes, on the other hand, don’t have that urge, since they all already are shining.

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*yang ga terima, nulis sendiri di blog masing-masing*

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