Deira in the Adventureland’s Jungle

Last week, we spent the weekend in our neighboring Emirate, Sharjah. We’ve planned to visit Al Manhatta Museum and Al Qasba and, while we were there, attending an invitation from Adventureland. So we decided to stay in Sharjah for 1 night in Hotel 72, i chose the hotel because their strategic location, it was across of corniche beach, Al Noor Mosque, and at the same time also close to our destination points above.

We visited Adventureland in Sahara Centre Shopping Mall, we came a bit late because the road was quite busy in the evening. Actually, it was our first time in the biggest indoor family entertainment center in Middle East with 70,000 square feet. We expected a lot of fun!

We met a staff named Naro to pick the giveaway and media kit. We got GO FOR GOLD membership from Adventureland, we had adventure card worth 100 dhs to access the kids attractions and family rides. Adventureland came with a re-energized jungle theme and my daughter couldn’t hold herself not to be excited and so she walked all around the jungle ?. Then, she was stuck in Green Go Round, after she saw a lot of horses there with a double-decker grand carousel. Afterall, which kid would not be appealed to ride?
Face to face with the carrousel, there was Parachute, an attraction that would surely be adored by future pilots, as these colorful corsairs take young kids to fly up and down, around, clockwise and back again. I was even sure that papa looked happier than the daughter. It sure was papa’s time!?

If you want to make a birthday party for your children, Adventureland can be considered as the venue as well. They provide a birthday packages with price ranging from 75 AED including the meals. We had a great time in Adventureland. Hopefully they will open Adventureland in Abu Dhabi too :))


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