Cruising London with Sunborn Yacht

Have you ever been on a cruise before?

My hubby and I both have a dream of being onboard of a cruise. When we just got married, we have booked a Royal Carribbean tour package, but then I was expecting baby Deira so the dream cruise had to be postponed.

Finally on April 2017, we decided to visit London. We were excited about it because this was the first time we would set foot on Queen Elizabeth’s land. As always, I took the charge of finding the hotel and, after cruising the internet and reading countless articles, I found a hotel that reminded us about our dream: TO BE ONBOARD OF A CRUISE.

Sunborn Yacht Hotel was moored on Royal Victoria Dock, which was quite far away from the shopping centre, old town, and Heathrow. It took us £70 to go to the dock from the city center, but who cares. This hotel, which was christened in 2015, had 5 deks and contained 136 rooms. Upon entering the lobby, we were astounded by its classic and luxurious design. Through the hull’s glass wall, we could see the water of Victoria Dock and the houses across the water. According to the staff, the cruise was specifically designed for hotel, so it had no engine.

At 03:00 PM, we entered our room. To maximize the experience, we booked a suite room with river view. When we opened the door, I felt so sentimental. Immediately we went out to the balcony and, Masha Allah, the view was gorgeous. I wished we both lived long enough be on the real cruise.

Just like the lobby, the furniture and interior of the room was designed with classical look. The mini bar was equipped with coffee machine complete with tea set to enjoy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. So there we were, enjoyed afternoon coffee and the cold England’s breeze at the balcony, looked down to the Dockland. Deira took initiative to lay down on the cozy bed, that was complemented with a soft and warm blanket. The closet shower in the bathroom was another plus point to us, moslem travelers, as for the first 9 days in UK, this was the first time I ever encountered closet shower. I think this hotel was comparable to resort because once we were inside, we lost the willing to go out, even though my hubby whose hobby is photography asked me to stroll around the dock to find photo spots and dinner.

Also in the Royal Victoria Dock, next to this yacht hotel, was ExCeL, Exhibition Center London, which was part of ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company). A quick investigation later, I found out that the area was one of Abu Dhabi government investment. Several international events were held in this area such as London Boat Show, British International Motor Show, London Marathon, World Travel Market, Defence Security and Equipment International, and G20 London Summit.

Everything is connected
There are no coincidences

At one end of the dock, around 500 meters from the hotel, a cable car installation owned by Doppelmayr, whose construction was sponsored by Emirates, Dubai’s airline, another emirates of UAE. The cable brought us across the river Thames to the Greenwhich Peninsula with 10 minutes journey time. As resident of Abu Dhabi, I admired the visionary thoughts of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Khalifa. I wished Indonesia could take their as an example.

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