Catering for My Creative Mood

Two of my friends, who have high passion in decoupage, opened a new store named Vintageous in Jakarta. Actually, I think, I don’t have any talent in arts or crafts. I’m just a lover of arts.

However, watching how they did a decoupage on their YouTube channel challenged me. they made decoupage looked easy and simple. So, i decided to order one DIY kit from them had it and delivered through my bestie’s husband who recently visited Indonesia.

The DIY kit came with a miniature of Indonesian cracker’s tin can as a media, paint, brush paint, glue, and sure the tissue paper. My friends’s staff sent me a lot of pictures of the colour paper through whatsapp. I can’t hold my self not to order. So i bought 15 set of papers, just in case i became addicted in decoupage.

I already imagined how many ikea uae’s products ( that can be used as the base of decoupage ?. The word decoupage itself is originated from the French word decouper, which means, β€˜to cut.’ The technique has existed for a long time, originating in Italy in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It was traditionally used as a way to imitate lacquer decorating styles, but using paper rather than other materials.
So, if you curious about how i have fun with decoupage, stay tuned, i’ll be right back soon with my creation however good or bad it may be.


    1. iyooo punya temenku,,sengaja dijadiin 2 postingan hahahha sik dicicil ngepost. Insya allah besok tak post. Btw, aku jadi ketagihan ngedecou loh sekarang mbak, sayang kudu nyempet-nyempetin waktunya πŸ˜€

  1. Eh aku juga lg pengen ketrampilan gitu..terinspirasi kalau ke toko liat pernak pernik–Biasanya nggak bagus sih hasilnya πŸ˜€ ha ha ha ha…semangatnya aja yang tinggi πŸ˜€ Mana hasilnya beb?

    1. Ga mungkiiiin,,,hasil fotonya aja superb semua. Apalagi nempel2 doank, dijamin outstanding hahahaha ??????. Iya nih hasilnya belom sempet aku post, nanti aku tag ya kakkk. Makasih udah mampir ?

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