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Eczema: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Alhamdulillah, we entered the month of October, which meant that the summer was over. Apart from the heat, I didn’t really like summer because its dry weather made the skin parched. Also, as it turned out, this extreme condition affected Deira’s skin as well.

One morning earlier this summer I found her with red rash on one of her elbow. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but day after day the rash grew until one day I notice dried blood smeared the rash. Apparently the rash became itchy and naturally she scratch them. Immediately I brought her to Dr. Dinesh Banur, her pediatric consultant at NMC Royal Hospital in Khalifa City. Both Deira, my hubby, and me like him because he treated Deira with gentle care and answered many of our questions patiently and concisely. He also quite cautious in prescribing medications. He rarely ordered paracetamol, and even more rarely antibiotics. Mom’s milk is the best medicine we can give to our little one, he said.

Speaking of him and our baby’s rash, He diagnosed it as dermatitis atopic or known as Eczema. This is a skin condition happened to the hyper-sensitive skin, and manifested as inflamation and super itchy rash. If kept untreated, the rash could develop skin infection. This skin condition is hereditary and hence did not contagious.

I remembered when I was a little girl, I had the similar skin condition but, thank God, it subsided after I consumed monitor lizard’s meat. My mom fed me that lizard’s meat dish we me knowing it because it was believed, in javanese tradition, to have medicinal benefits toward multitude of akin problems and, believe it or not, I never had a relapse ever since. I wished I could feed Deira some of this meat but where could I find monitor lizard here in this desert, let alone people who sold and/or prepare it. If only camel’s meat had the same properties.

Anyway, dr Dinesh prescribed Peitel cream to heal the rash and Cetaphil lotion to keep her skin moist. The main purpose of this treatment was to aleviate the itch and to reduce the probability of skin infection. We needed to apply Cetaphil lotion right after Deira took a shower so some of the excess water left on her skin could also be retained by the cream as an added arsenal to keep her skin moist. The rash was largely reduced qithin the first 24 hours after we applied Peitel cream.

For her bath soap, it’s advisable to use perfume-free and presevative-free with 100% natural ingredients. After googling around for some times, I decided to use Allergika liquid soap. Alhamdulillah, Deira’s skin is more moist and a bit less sensitive now. I also minimized her exposure to the direct sun light to further reduce the chance of relapse. That’s my experience with Eczema and how Cetaphil and Allergika satisfactorily helped me against it.

Mediterranean Cuisine at Todd English Olives

William Todd English is an American celebrity chef that best known for his TV cooking show, Food Trip with Todd English, on PBS. Last Thursday I got a chance to review his Todd English’s Olives restaurant in Venetian Village, Ritz Carlton Canal, Abu Dhabi. The restaurant’s name is a tribute to his then-wife, Olivia.

The restaurant’s concept is Mediterranean cuisine with a strong influence from Italian cuisine. A staff named Bojana warmly welcomed us, and we really enjoyed her company. She was knowledgeable about the dishes served to us and passionately explained every details of the menu. From the beginning i knew she loved her job.

Located in the Venetian Village of Ritz Carlton, the restaurant was easily accessible yet offered a nice retreat from the buzzing life of Abu Dhabi. There were valet service also an ample parking spaces available near the venue so we could quickly park our car. Sheik Zayed Mosque was visible from the access road to the Venetian Village, while Qaryat al Beri can be seen from across the strait.

Inside the restaurant, customers sat around several tables and, although we can hear the chitter-chatter, the noise level is low so we could have comfortable conversation. In fact, I suspected that our table was the loudest one that night, thanks to our energetic #babydei. The restaurant had both outside and inside tables and I guess it would be nice to sit outside when the weather permits.

Food and Drink
We had Beef Carpaccio, Sweet Potato Brava’s, Seared Duck Foie Gras Steak and Beetroot Carpaccio as the starters. All were my favorite but the most interesting menu was Beef Carpacio. It had different style from the carpaccio that I usually ate before. It consisted of 3 layers of filling: gorgonzola rosti (potato) cake, mix greens, and beef, and springkled with balsamic dressing. The ingredients perfectly blended and gave a unique mouth watering experience. Sweet potato brava, covered with honey, had a really sweet taste, the jalapeno paste yielded a dash of spiciness while the feta cheese added a savoury flavour. As for their Foie Gras, a popular and well-known delicacy in French Cuisine, I can only say it was outstanding especially because it’s served with blinis. The liver tasted rich, buttery, and delicate. It was more than delicious, and my mouth was watering as I described it hereπŸ™Š

For the pasta, I chose Baked Ricotta Ravioli, Portobello Pizza, Scallops Vol-Au-Vent and Prime Beef Tenderloin for the entrees. The ravioly was good, while the tasty portobello pizza specially baked from housemade dough was a perfect choice if you were a vegan. The portobello mushroom tasted tender and meaty, I love it. But my favorite entree was the Scallop Vol-Au-Vent, the dish had a number of layers: the scallop, puff pastry cup, cauliflower puree, spinach with lemon butter sauce. Besides its taste, the most important factor to value seafood dishes is their texture, and the scallop was cooked with perfect timing so the texture was chewy but not too cheewy.

After the entree, eventhough my stomach was almost full, i didn’t loose my appetite for dessert. Chef Jaime Mendoza proudly presented his housemade desserts consisted of Red Velvet Cake, Creme Brulee, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. The tasting platter was too pretty to eat. But I ate it anyway!

This restaurant also served espresso so my husband requested for a double espresso. He said that the coffee was rich and bitter, with a hint of sourness of arabica. As for myself, I chose a glass of the chamomile tea, because I wasn’t really a coffee fan.

4 things You’ll Encounter in the month of Ramadhan Abroad.

This year’s Ramadhan is the first time I fast in Abu Dhabi, for two years before I was expecting #babydei while last year I breast fed her exclusively. While going through this fasting month, I find 4 things that are different from fasting in my home-country.

First, This year’s Ramadhan falls in the month of June which means it’s summer here. We fast for 14 hours long, 2 hours longer than Surabaya-Indonesia. The difference is not too significant, but combined with 45 degrees Celcius of outside temperature, it’s quite exhausting for me.

Second, if we want our suhoor, takjil, and iftaar in the tradition Indonesian way, we have to prepare for all those dishes all by myself (que dramatic backsound). The tastier we want them, the more effort we have to take, because there is no “Pasar Kaget” here.

What is “Pasar Kaget”?

“Pasar Kaget” is an in situ food bazaar where people sell various kind of meals. From grilled chicked to intestine satay (trust me, it’s heavenly delicious), from chilled coconut water to fruit coktail in grated ice, along with urap-urap, buntil, pentol, jajan pasar, and many other traditional dishes that I can’t easily name, let alone describe, in English, you can find them there. This food bazaars are usually held along the side of roads and so those roads, that are usually quiet, suddenly become crowded with people who sell and buy those food merchandies as they are “ngabuburit”, a term that represents the general activities that people do to kill time as they wait for iftar.

Craving for this bazaar here, you can imagine how I feel when I see my friends and family upload photos about meals in their facebook timeline.

Third, there is a shift in activity hours here. During Ramadhan, many malls open their doors until 3 AM, as many of their foodcourts and restaurants serve both iftaar and suhoor. Accordingly, other shops and departments stores are open until early morning too to catch potential customers. My hubby and I usually go for groceries at 10 PM after Isha and Tarawih.

How about working hours the next day?

During Ramadhan we have less office time! My Hubby who usually works from 06:30 AM to 02:30 PM now has to work only from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. So, Alhamdulillah, he has more time to help me caring for our baby πŸ˜†.

Fourth, towards the end of Ramadhan, people in Indonesia are usually busy with sharing knick knacks snacks of Eid Al-Fitr. Ketupat, opor, sambel goreng kentang-ati, specialty cookies, and clothes are changing hands. For us who faraway from our hometown, things become a bit less and quieter. Our solution for this togetherness is to have halal-bihalal sessions with our compatriots. Last year, for instance, we had it in our friend’s home with potluck system for the dishes, where we tried our best in making those traditional meals and cookies and then brought them to the venue to be shared.

and here is the Indonesian traditional snacks!

All in all, even when we are far from our root society, we can still have the taste of togetherness during Eid Al-Fitr. Last but not least, I wish you all Ramadhan Kareem for this Ramadhan 1438H, may Allah (SWT) accept our good deeds and devotions

4 Pengalaman Baru Saat Menjalankan Ramadhan di Negeri Orang

Bulan ramadhan tahun ini merupakan kali pertama saya berpuasa di Abu Dhabi karena dua tahun sebelumnya saya sedang hamil #babydei dan menyusui secara ekslusif ditahun berikutnya. Terdapat beberapa hal yang berbeda ketika menjalankan puasa di negeri orang dibandingkan saat berpuasa di tanah air.

Pertama, Ramadhan tahun ini jatuh pada bulan Juni yang artinya sudah memasuki musim panas. Setiap harinya, kami berpuasa sekitar 14 jam atau 2 jam lebih lama dibandingkan saat berpuasa di Surabaya. Sebenarnya perbedaannya tidak terlalu signifikan, tapi mengingat suhu diluar mencapai 45 derajat celcius, lumayan lemes juga sih πŸ˜‚

Kedua, Kami harus menyiapkan hidangan sahur, takjil dan berbuka puasa *all by my self backsound. Makin enak makanan yang diidamkan maka usaha yang dikeluarkan juga makin tinggi. Karena disini ga ada tuh yang namanya “Pasar Kaget”!

Ada yang tau “Pasar Kaget”?
Pasar kaget adalah semacam food bazaar yang menjual berbagai jenis makanan. Mulai dari ayam bakar, sate usus, es kelapa muda, es teler, urap-urap, buntil, pentol, jajan pasar dan lain sebagainya. Food bazaar ini lebih dikenal dengan istilah “Pasar Kaget” karena biasanya mengambil tempat di sepanjang jalan raya. Jalanan yang tadinya lengang mendadak ramai oleh hiruk pikuk orang yang “ngabuburit” atau menunggu waktu maghrib dengan berbelanja makanan.

Kebayang kan gimana bapernya kami saat teman atau keluarga mengaplod foto makanan di facebook?

Ketiga, karena jam berbuka puasa jatuh pada jam 19:15 maka terjadi pergeseran jam untuk beraktifitas. Saat bulan ramadhan tiba, sebagian mall atau pusat perbelanjaan buka sampai jam 3 pagi karena bagian foodcourt tetap melayani pembeli saat sahur. Saya dan suami biasanya pergi berbelanja jam 10 malam atau selepas waktu isya dan tarawih.

Bagaimana dengan yang besok bekerja?
Jangan khawatir! Karena selama bulan ramadhan jam kerja juga dikurangi. Suami yang biasanya kerja jam 06:30-14:30, berganti menjadi 09:00-14:00. Alhamdulillah bisa bantu jaga anak πŸ˜†

Keempat, saat memasuki akhir-akhir bulan ramadhan, hampir semua orang Indonesia pasti heboh dengan berbagi pernak-pernik khas lebaran. Mulai dari ketupat, opor, sambel goreng kentang-ati, kue kering hingga baju lebaran sudah membayangi pikiran. Solusi untuk kami yang jauh dari kampung halaman dan kangen dengan kebersamaan saat lebaran adalah dengan mengadakan halal bihalal bersama teman-teman, seperti yang saya lakukan tahun lalu. Untuk makanannya, kita menggunakan sistem potluck.

Sedangkan untuk jajanan pasar dan kue kering, tinggal pesan ke teman yang memang jago bikin kue.

Nah, yang paling menarik, untuk baju lebaran sebagian dari kami memilih untuk mengimpor dari Indonesia. Secara jaman udah canggih, temukan koleksi hijab dan busana muslim terbaik melalui website online shop kesayanganmu, pesan yang kita suka dan dalam beberapa hari barang sudah sampai rumah. Orang rumah tinggal kirim ke Abu Dhabi menggunakan kargo atau titip teman yang lagi mudik. Aman deh lebaran!

Walaupun jauh dimata, rasa lebaran bersama keluarga tetap ada dihati.

Akhir kata, saya mengucapkan selamat melaksanakan ibadah ramadhan 1438 H, semoga amal ibadah kita diterima oleh Allah SWT πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

Some Ideas to Cool the Summer Down

February hasn’t over yet, but the mercury has shown the sign of rising. I guess summer comes earlier this year, and I’m sure you have prepared plans on what to do this summer. Anyway, here’s two additional places you can put into your agenda to hide from the harsh sun: Magic Planet and Mikel Coffee

Located on the second floor of Burjuman, Dubai, Magic Planet is strategically placed next to the foodcourt area. As the name implies, as you enter the venue, you will feel like you are being transported to the outer space, with Saturn Rings float above you and stars twinkling on the blue ceiling. Roaming this interplanetary expanse, you will find many interesting game machines suitable for children from the age of 2 to 92. Machines like Wheel of Fortune that offers you a chance to win a thousand ticket, or a Color Matching game with a PS4 as one of its Major Prize, for example, will surely attract your attention for hours. If you feel like having some road rage, there is also a boom-boom car arena where you can safely release the tension.

For the little ones, there are also computerized rides where they can sail the ocean while fishing, or ride the seahorse to catch stars. You might need to ride with them if your kiddo is under 2, but beware, parents, you might end up having fun playing with those rides, even more than you kids!

Mikel Coffee is located at the ground floor of Burjuman, near the parking space, so it’s a perfect place to cool you down after your visit to the theme park above. This outlet of the coffee chain from Greece is easy to find as you can see the picture of the face founder’s father, Khadar Hassan, printed on the glass wall of the cafe. I ordered Cappucino Mikelo, their signature coffee, which is a cappucinno with a mix of various kind of milk. I don’t know what kind of milk they mixed, but all I can tell you is that this brew is amazingly delicious. I don’t think I have ever drunk a cappucino like this before, ever.

While sipping my coffee, I decided to order some croissant to accompany my cappucino, and so I asked them to bring me an almond croissant. I thought I made the right decision by choosing this croissant as it was really delicious and creamy with nutty almond flavor, but after a short discussion with my friends who ordered some other type of croissant, I concluded that couldn’t make any wrong choice here. Their croissants, regardless of the variant, are worth savouring for ;).

At the end, we are more than ready to welcoming summer!

New Year Staycation at Royal Rose Hotel

Early January, I got a chance to stay at Royal Rose Hotel located in Abu Dhabi Downtown. Its exterior hints to a 17th century French Palace, it fascinates me every time I pass by the hotel when I’m going to visit Abu Dhabi Mall. But honestly I never had any intention to stay there since I live in Abu Dhabi. Until I got a hotel voucher from Preffered Hotels, hotel booking site. Thanks to OurGlobetrotters who made this happened!

The Hotel is within walking distance from the business hub, government institutions, shopping malls and other leisure facilities. The Abu Dhabi Corniche and promenade is a mere five-minute drive away.

The Room
It’s a 50sq room with one king size bed which more than fit for my family (2 adults and 1 toddler). We really love the clean sheets, fluffy pillows, soft blankets and the bouncy bed. It’s really comfortable, I don’t wanna go home!

The interior is equally opulent, with walls overlaid in intricate gold-leaf designs and accented with ornate chandeliers. Just like any other hotels, the room has all the basics facilities like SDB, cable television, hi-speed internet access, hair dryer, complimentary water bottles and coffee/tea kettle.

Their restroom has towels, soap, shampoo, and dental kit that come from Roberto Cavalli. What I like the most is the bathtub, so huge and fit for the three of us. For families who love to swim, this hotel would be satisfactory because the bathroom came with chloth line to hang your wet swimsuits.

Actually there were so many facilities, they have 3 restaurants, healthclub and spa. But I just want to review their outstanding swimming pool. The temperature controlled, open air roof-top pool with jacuzzi, sun deck and kids pool are a perfect ways to spent the day. Look how my toddler really enjoyed her swimming session!

Almost all the staff are warm and nice but they need make an improvement in valet service area. They should be more responsive in welcoming the guest since they are the first front liner. I think they need to put more efforts to make a good impression.

At the end, we got more than what we paid for. I will be back really soon!

*We personally didn’t order any food in the hotel because the location is close to the Abu Dhabi Mall, so we prefer to having dinner and breakfast outside the hotel.

#babydei Turns One!

About a year ago, mama brought you to the world. Your cry through the night was the most beautiful sound we’ve ever heard. You were born healthy, witnessed by the people who love you. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma gathered around you. Dad and Grandma even stayed in the delivery room to accompany you through our nine hours long fight. Finally you came, along wih our tears, the tears of joy.

Three hundred and sixty five days later, our togetherness wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Never before we felt so stressed out just because you had fever or when you didn’t want to eat. But then again, never before we’ve been so happy seeing you, when you were three-months-and-ten-days old, turned yourself on your belly for the first time, or when we saw you took your first step on your ten month-iversarry. You were our box of surprise that brings happiness after happiness to us.

Oh, by the way, my dear baby, don’t you forget to thank Allah for bringing us a dad who lovingly carried you around, patiently fed you, and even regularly changed your diapers.

Just as your name, Aimee Azalea Deira Cahyadi, mom and dad hope that one day you will become like a refreshing oase and bring blessing and enlightment to the people around you.

Here are the picture of your birthday picnic! Maybe its easier for papa and mama to celebrate your birthday in cafe or restaurant. But we choose to prepare everything by ourselves because someone special deserves anything special. Again, Happy Birthday!


Jepret Kuliner Nusantara dengan Smartphone-mu

Terhitung sudah 3 tahun belakangan ini saya meninggalkan tanah air. Alhamdulillah saya betah tinggal di Abu Dhabi, namun se-kerasan apapun, tetap saja ada hal di tanah air yang selalu saya rindukan. Apalagi kalau bukan kulinernya?

Lidah ndeso ini selalu protes jika sehari saja tidak bertemu dengan makanan khas Indonesia. Sehingga saya yang dulunya jarang masuk dapur, jadi harus membiasakan diri dengan aktivitas mengupas bawang, mengulek bumbu, menggoreng kerupuk dan lain sebagainya. Apalagi memasuki musim dingin, hasrat untuk mengunyah kian meningkat.

Jadilah kemarin sore saya memutuskan untuk masak Sop Ikan khas Batam. Selain pas untuk menghangatkan badan, makanan ini juga memiliki arti khusus buat saya. Alkisah pada tahun 1998, keluarga saya merantau ke Pulau Batam untuk mendapatkan hidup yang lebih berkualitas. Nah, biasanya saat weekend tiba, mama akan kepasar untuk belanja kebutuhan dapur dan kegiatan belanja ditutup dengan makan bersama di kedai “Sop Ikan Batam Yong Kee”.

Berikut saya tuliskan resep yang sudah dimodifikasi sesuai ketersediaan bahan ^_^

Sop Ikan Batam Yong Kee ala Mama Deira
*untuk 4 porsi

200 gram fillet ikan tengiri, potong tipis-tipis
100 gram udang kupas
1 buah cumi-cumi yang sudah dibersihkan
10 butir bakso ikan
1 buah tomat hijau, potong 4 bagian
4 lembar sawi asin, potong kecil
500 cc kaldu udang (diambil dari rebusan kulit dan kepala udang)

50 gram ebi
5 sendok bawang putih goreng
3 sdm minyak ikan
Garam dan gula sesuai selera

Kecap asin
Potongan cabai rawit

Cara memasak:

  1. Didihkan kaldu udang, masukkan bumbu yang telah dihaluskan
  2. Masukkan bakso ikan dan fillet ikan tengiri, rebus hingga matang
  3. Tambahkan udang dan cumi-cumi, didihkan selama 3 menit. Karena jika terlalu lama malah akan menghilangkan rasa manis dan tekstur kenyal udang dan cumi-cumi
  4. Tambahkan garam dan gula, koreksi rasanya
  5. Tata tomat hijau dan sawi asin di permukaan mangkok, siramkan sop yang telah matang
  6. Sajikan dengan pelengkap

Mudah kan cara membuatnya?

Sebenarnya versi aslinya hanya menggunakan fillet ikan. Tapi berhubung di kulkas ada macam-macam bahan, yaudah sih dipake aja, namanya juga emak-emak. Penggunaan minyak ikan didalam resep mengukuhkan bahwa masakan ini dipengaruhi oleh kuliner Cina Peranakan. Sepengetahuan saya, selain penduduk Melayu, kota Batam juga banyak dihuni oleh etnis keturunan Tionghoa. Negeriku memang kaya raya!

Alhamdulillah sepulang dari kantor, langsung tandas sama suami. Katanya rasanya enak, segar dan mantab seperti yang di restoran! #idungkembangkempis #anaknyaGRan

Sebenarnya suami saya ga pernah pilih-pilih makanan sih, tapi sebagai istri yang baik saya selalu ingin menyajikan yang terbaik. Makanan yang tidak hanya sedap dilidah tapi juga indah dipandang mata.

Nah, makanan yang sudah disajikan dengan cantik ini akan lebih sempurna jika difoto menggunakan kamera yang tepat. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan untuk update instagram hahaha. Harap maklum yah, namanya juga #emak2gaul. Saya pribadi menggunakan ASUS Zenfone yang mengedepankan teknologi PixelMaster Camera.

Pada tau teknologi tersebut ga?
Emak-emak jaman sekarang dilarang gaptek donk! Secara informasi sudah sedemikian mudahnya diakses. Penjelasan sederhananya, PixelMaster Camera adalah sistem terintegrasi dari ASUS yang menangani hardware dan software modul kamera di handphone yang memiliki fungsi untuk menghasilkan gambar yang tajam, stabil dan cerah.

Namanya juga blogger, kualitas artikel akan meningkat jika diimbangi dengan foto yang cantik. Sehingga pemilihan gadget sebagai “peralatan perang” juga harus diperhatikan. Saya sih masih harus meng-upgrade kemampuan untuk mengambil gambar dengan angle yang tepat. Beberapa cara yang saya lakukan adalah dengan memperhatikan hasil jepretan food blogger kenamaan, giat berlatih dan menikmati prosesnya. Yakin deh, suatu hari kita akan menemukan style foto sendiri.

Demikian postingan saya, semoga bermanfaat yah!

*Artikel ini diikutsertakan pada Blogging Competition Jepret Kuliner Nusantara dengan Smartphone yang diselenggarakan oleh Gandjel Rel.

**Sayang saya baru ngeh kalau cara pengambilan fotonya agak nyeleneh hahahaha. Mau difoto ulang tapi sop-nya sampun telas. Mau ga di publish, artikelnya sudah terlanjur ditulis sepenuh hati. Pada akhirnya, mengutip kata bijak dari penyelenggara lomba “ngeblog ben rak ngganjel!”.

Namanya juga usaha!

Madang-Korean Restaurant

I recently visited an authentic Korean restaurant near my home, is in Al Ghazal Golf Club near Abu Dhabi Airport. Named Madang Restaurant, it’s situated beside the driving range. Eventhough it seemed quite quiet, I suggest you guys to make a reservation first. Because when I entered the restaurant, there were so many people dined in for lunch.

The ambiance

The first time I saw the building, it looked more European than Korean. But once I walked inside, I could feel the Korean vibes all around. Korean music was welcoming me as I stepped in to the restaurant. Near the entrance, there were Halibuts and Flonders, native fishes of Jeju Island, swam in the aquarium. They were ready to be prepared as sashimi.

The next section is a dining place whose almost 75% of its floor was covered with a traditional floor setting. They also have around 4 private rooms with sliding doors and Korean ornaments on their walls. Most of the dining tables were low and required you to sit on the floors, and low dining tables for those who like to sit on the floor, but some standard ones, with dining chairs, were also available.


The waiters were warm and kind, but they didn’t mention any special promotion. Even though, by reading their announcement board at the entrance, I knew there were some that day. Speaking of promotions, they had a lot of programs such as weekdays lunch packages, or 40% discount of chicken menu in certain days, and many more. So you’d better check the board first.


I ordered weekday lunch packages that consisted of Sogogi Soup, La Gal Bi, Yangnyom Chicken, and Bulgogi, with free flow tea. The food came with 7 side dishes (fruit salad, octopus salad, spinach salad, jap cae, chinese cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi) You can order the side dishes unlimitedly. I started the lunch with Sogogi Soup, a spicy soup whose main ingredient was beef. The soup also consisted of beansprout, cabbage, radish with light-but spicy broth. Truly perfect for winter! For main dish, first, I savoured La Gal Bi, a Beef Short Ribs grilled and served with lemon. The fresh ribs were marinated with sweet sauce. The delicious ribs perfectly blend with the sour of lemon. Followed after that was Yangnyom chicken, a crispy fried chicken. Dipped into sweet sauce made of garlic, gochujang and chili paste, the taste was superb! My 12 months old daughter really loved the bulgogi, a thinly sliced beef grilled with Korean barbecue sauce. The beef was so tender and tasty.

The location a bit far from Abu Dhabi city, but I do really recommend you to visit this restaurant and give it a try! Their delicious food, really worths every penny.

Legends of Arabia: Quest of the Pearl Tribes

Have you ever wondered how was it like to be an ancient Arab tribe who wandered the desert for errands and battled against each other? Have you ever watched a play that was so good but still thought that it shouldn’t end that way? Well, if you visit Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi this December, your wish will come true!

That’s because starting from December 9th, every 7 pm, as the play titled Legends of Arabia lifts their curtain, the water arena magically transforms into ancient Arab coastal and mountain area, where five warring Arab tribes dwell. The play is of special type called Live Action Role Play and, as the name implies, in this play you can not only watch the story unfold, but also be involved in it.

As you enter the area, you will be greeted bye team of hosts who will help fitting you with the wardrobe and props, then you will have to choose a tribe to join and the tribe’s chief will welcome you and explain you the basic rule of the play slash game. You may ask anything to him, just don’t expect any spoiler on the scenario. Anyway, once the play commences, you’ll see why he won’t give you a hint. The play starts with only a basic scenario. then, as the story unfurls, we as part of the story may decide how it should be experienced. In fact, we are encouraged to do so.

For two hours you will roam the Arab realm, hike their high lands, acquire magic talismans that give you super strength, negotiate with other tribes, or fight them should the negotiation fails. Well, with sword in hand, you will hope the diplomatic meeting fails and don’t worry, it will fail. Soon you will hear the battle cry, the adrenaline rush when the enemy faces you, the morbid satisfaction when you slay them, or the grief when you and your tribe lose.

No, I won’t betray my chief by telling you the legend, but suffice to say that you can expect an exhaustive yet exhilarating evening, and the epic tale will be concluded with a buffet of the same proportion, where you can brag your victorious battles.

Should you become intrigued with this action drama, please visit here to book you and your family a place.