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Here’s What You Need To Know About Palmer’s Lip Balm

A few months ago I have covered Palmer’s Fantastic Four Lotion and Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. This time, allow me to write about Palmer’s Lip Balm series.


Come in three varieties namely Original, Dark Chocolate & Mint, and Dark Chocolate & Cherry, Palmer’s lip balm contains Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E as active ingredients. These products are formulated specifically to moisturize the lips. Cocoa Butter is believed to help makes the skin supple, while Vitamin E, an effective anti-oxidant, reduces the free radicals. These lip balms are also fortified with SPF 15 to protect the lips from UV rays. Combined, those elements reduce and eliminate cracked lips and make them sparkle.

The natural ingredients of this lip balm also make it safe to use for children from six months old and above. A convenience feature for moms with little children like me.


The lip balm has rather unique shaped: oval-tube packaged in a carton whose color matches the variant. Some usual information such as ingredients and expiration date are written on the carton. The petite size make it travel friendly; it can easily accompany you in almost all of your activities.

The twist-to-advance mechanism makes this lip balm easy to apply. Just turn the knob at the bottom of the case to advance the stick, smear it evenly on your lips as needed, and turn it in reverse to retract the stick back into the container. Quick and hygiene, as no finger is needed.


The lip balm has soft and light texture, not too oily yet gives glossy finish to the lips. Its smooth scent can easily be accepted by most people, especially those who don’t like strong aroma. The moisturizing effect is quite long lasting (around 3-4 hours per application), suitable for people with super dry lips.


The price is affordable, around 18 dhs for original, 20 for Dark Chocolate & Mint, and 25 dhs for Dark Chocolate & Cherry variant.

Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of this lip balm as I found it.


  • Smooth textur
  • Long lasting moisturizing effect
  • Nice aroma
  • Contains SPF 15 and antioxidant
  • Travel Friendly


  • Its glossy finish makes it unsuitable for use as matte lipstick base


These lip balms are suitable for those dry lips. You can also wear it before sleep to make your lips supple and bright the following morning.All in all, because of its features (UV protection, antioxidant, and aroma) and its affordable price, this product is really worth trying.

Ah, last but not least, nowadays I know all fashionistas are being crazy about matte lipstick. But, according to my experience, it’s not advisable, due to its glossy finish, to apply this lip balm along with matte lipstick. Tips from me: it will be better if you treat your dry lips with this lip balm first, after it gets smooth and supple, you can freely apply matte lipstick. See the result, all I can say is just PERFECT!


Biryani E Khaas: A Biryani Festivity

Last week I was invited to attend bloggers gathering event held by India Palace Restaurant for the launching of four new kind of Biryani. The gathering theme was “Biryani E Khaas, the gala of authentic heritage biryanis”. To be honest, I used to consider biryani as common dish with nothing special. Well, India Palace has proved me wrong for there I ate four of the most delicious biryani I’ve ever eaten! So much so that I decided to write this post to share my experience. After all, this was my first time dinning in in the Indian restaurant.

As the appetizer, India Palace served us two kind of salads. Nawaabi Salad consisted of fresh carrot, cucumber, bell pepper tossed with olive, pine nuts, feta cheese, and a dash of lemon dressing. It tasted delicious and was friendly to my asian-oriented tongue. Combination of feta cheese and lemon gave me a unique sensation. The second salad was Onion Lachcha Salad. It was basically a heap of thin-sliced onion infused with masala, fresh coriander, and lemon juice. I didn’t really like it as I wasn’t used to eating raw onion. Most of my Indian, though, loved it. Looking at this bowl of salad, no wonder I often see them buy bags full of onions, almost as much as the red chili that I buy.

After the appetizer, then came the main course. As the chef and staffs brought the plates, the mouthwatering distinctive aroma suddenly filed the air. I smelled cumin, cinnamon, clove, garam masala, and other spices. The first biryani presented was named Murgh Coorgi Biryani, biryani with generous dose of spices and chicken topping. At first I thought it was beef as it was juicy, until I heard the chef explained the. Menu. I couldn’t find the words to describe the taste, other than amazingly delicious. Plus, it was spicy hot, reminded me of rendang, a well known Indonesian dish.

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We barely scrapped the top layer of Murgh Coorgi when Noor Mahal, the second plate of Biryani, landed on our table. This one had topping of meatball called chicken kofta, and was lighter in flavor compared to the previous one, suitable for those who couldn’t stand hot spices. By the way, the kofta struck us with a surprise: melted cheese. Kids will surely love it!

Third menu was Bohri Chaamp. I didn’t know what spices they put into it, but the aroma of this lamb chop biryani was really appetizing. The lamb melted in your mouth and didn’t have any trace of distinctive smell of sheep. My hubby was not lamb lover, and yet he took scoop after scoop of it.

Our stomach felt like almost exploding when Subz Qabuli Pulao, the fourth biryani appeared. This one was specially designed for those vegetarians. With fruits and vegetables as topping, the spices was not too strong although a little bit to the hot side. I was not a vegetarian, but the sweetness of bit mixed with the savory of dal lentil and the unique taste of pistahio made me fell in love with this biryani.

After being spoiled with all those biryanis, waiters brought us a glass of Faluda. Upon reading that cardamon was one of the ingredient, I frowned. I didn’t like cardamon! But since I was feeling a bit adventurous, I decided to give it a tryand I didn’t regret it at all, as this mix of milk, ice crram, chopped nuts, and kewda syrup (flower of pandanus) made me realize that cardamon can be put into drink also, if you knew how to put it.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. The dishes and drinks were very well above average, and the service was superb. Surely I’ll be back to India Palace for their great biryanis and Faluda.

5 Tips in Choosing The Right Mobile Apps For Your Kids

In this era of technology almost all kids are attracted to the gadgets, and my 15 months old baby included. She’s seen her mom and dad’s working in front of their laptops, so no wonder if she, to some degree, can already use iPhone, iPad, and even laptop. To be honest, we are not anti-gadget kind of parents, so we don’t try to stay our baby away from those devices, as long as she is within the fair use limit. Within this limit, the gadget can be beneficial to us all, both parents and the kid, and that’s why I had discussion with hubby about downloading mobile apps that are safe for our kiddo, ones that suit her age and, after a lengthy research, we decided to install KidloLand. KidloLand has winning the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, it also conforms with our predefined 5 criteria, which are:

  1. No advertisements. I used to play nursery rhymes which are scattered widely on youtube, until one day I realized that they pun ads inserts at the beginning and within the playlist. Some of the ads were about online games, and I also noticed that my baby expressed fear upon watching some of the ads, perhaps due to violence or to the suspense air brought by the background music.
  2. Can be played offline. We travel almost regularly to Dubai, which is 125 kms away from Abu Dhabi. Sitting for 1.5 hours in the car can be boring even for adults, so you can imagine how bored my baby is to sit on her baby car seat. An application playing nursery rhymes and/or playing games can help ease her boredom.
  3. Educational, and yet not boring. From my childhood memory, being educational usually means being boring, but I don’t want my baby to have that same kind of memory. We want her to keep having fun even when she is learning something, and KidloLand enables her to have just that.

    Even in nursery rhymes mode, the illustrations displayed while the song is played are clickable. Tap on birds and it starts to chip happily, or tap on the castle and it turns into box, or touch a chimney and smoke comes out of it, etc. Those additional animations keep my kid engaged with the apps instead of being a passive audience.

  4. Age appropriate. In the middle of information torrent, we don’t want her grow too quickly. We want her to play as much as she wants, and grows physically and mentally according to her age. KidloLand informs us about the age recommendation for each of its menu and sub-applications, so we can rest assured she accesses only parts that are suitable for her.
  5. Worth the money. For one month of using this application, I keep on finding new menu almost everyday. The team behind Kidloland are quite active in updating the contents. With features of more than 1000 nursery rhymes, lullabies, games, bedtime stories, activities, games and lot of other stuffs I finds it worth every cents of the 24,99 dollars I spent for this apps (subscription for 6 months) and KidloLand can be downloaded from iOS, Google Playstore, and Amazon Appstore.

Well, that are the five criteria for me to select apps for children, and how KidloLand fits them well. Yet don’t forget that no matter how good the application is, the best activity for our children is the activity engaged along with their parent.



Lovely Valentine’s Day Gift

Palmer’s has been so kind for sending me a box of cocoa butter as a valentine gift. I knew it was so late talking about valentine, February is over already. But surely I need more time to try the product since the box contained a set of Cocoa Butter for husband and I. I needed to persuade my husband to really tried it. Not only you, my self really wanted to know his opinion about Palmer’s men product.

Palmer’s cocoa butter for men contains pure cocoa butter and vitamin E formula. That’s why they guarantee it can moisturize skin for 24 hours. I think it suits my husband’s needs, remembering his activities are just sitting and programming a whole day long in air-conditioned room. Actually my husband doesn’t really like to use any lotion or butter in his body because it usually feels sticky. But as the label shown, it is fast absorbing. So I asked husband to use the butter and he agreed. Even after the butter has been applied on all over of his skin, it didn’t feel sticky because the butter felt mild and was fast absorbing into the skin. Another notes from me as his lovers, the cocoa butter scented non-overwhelmingly FRESH. I think it’s good to know, because most of women don’t like their spouses to smell sweet.

How about mine?

As usual, as Palmer’s loyal customer. I don’t have any complaints. But I wanna share my experience last week. When my family went to the pool, I forgot to bring any sunblock. So my skin became dry and irritated. I love to make an experiment, so I applied the cocoa butter onto my body and the formula really helped to sooth skin after sun exposure. Its rich and luxurious cocoa butter provides deep hydration all over the skin. What’s so important is all the ingredients are natural, no phthalate and preservative added.
*This is an honest review regardless as my status as Palmer’s Brand Ambassador

One Day Vacation in Polynesia

Have you ever heard about Polynesian food?

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t. That’s why husband and I were really excited when we received a daycation brunch invitation from Lapita Hotel and Resort. We’re not only excited about the food but also the resort itself.

What’s so great about Lapita?
Its location inside the Dubai Park and Resort, Middle Easts largest Hollywood inspired theme park. The ambiance and atmosphere make the resort top notch, I felt like I took a vacation in Hawaii. No wonder, because Lapita has Polynesian themed resort hotel, with an intriguing tribal theme which inspires guests of all ages to learn about the Polynesian culture and heritage.

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When I entered the Lapita Restaurant, I could see seafoods all around. Thankfully, though, that I met Chef Joseph who patiently explained about the characteristic and uniqueness of Polynesian cookings. As an archipelago, Polynesian’s main resources comes from the ocean. It’s the reason why many of the dishes have seafood as their main ingredient. On the other hand, as a tropical country, Polynesia also has fertile land so they have diverse choices of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Naturally, they combine the sources from the ocean and the land into the dishes.

Actually, there were so many option of Japanese Food, Chinese Food and even many selection of cheese, but I just wanted to put Polynesian food into my mouth. So, I walked around, tried them one by one and the “Polynesian Tahitian Shrimp” easily became my favorite. Ask my husband how I hate shrimp! But in this place, I wanted more, more, and more shrimps! So did lobster. I didn’t even remember how many shrimps I ate. Both of these menu had excellent flavor.

Sweets upon sweets were there to complete your meals. As UAE has black gold, so does Lapita has chocolate golds. Lots of chocolate bars and coins were spread on the table, along with a tall fondue to glaze fruit dices and marshmallow. The fondue was unique as sprung chocolate and thick green tea milk! I loved that green tea covered marshmallow on a stick, or should I say: on sticks? There was also organic edible garden, where you could pluck vegetables from a soil made of cream and oreo crumble. What a healty dose of guilty feeling.

What makes it awesome?
While we ate, various entertainment, like live music, massage corner and area for kids activities extended and complemented that fun and lovely atmosphere. This atmosphere is a big part of what brings Lapita to the next level.

After we finished roaming the restaurant, we went to the outdoor area. There’s the open air kitchen where the food was cooked on naked flame. The outdoor area is surrounded by the hotel rooms. With their best location, delicious food and drinks, plus those entertainments, Lapita is an option that is not to be missed for family holiday.

Some of the other bloggers also come to the event. If you may want to check out their review about the Daycation Brunch just visit Zeyna of Mummy on My Mind, Keri of Our Globetrotters , Paula of And Then There Were 2 , Abigail of Cuddles&Crumbs.

*all the pictures credit to my husband

Some Ideas to Cool the Summer Down

February hasn’t over yet, but the mercury has shown the sign of rising. I guess summer comes earlier this year, and I’m sure you have prepared plans on what to do this summer. Anyway, here’s two additional places you can put into your agenda to hide from the harsh sun: Magic Planet and Mikel Coffee

Located on the second floor of Burjuman, Dubai, Magic Planet is strategically placed next to the foodcourt area. As the name implies, as you enter the venue, you will feel like you are being transported to the outer space, with Saturn Rings float above you and stars twinkling on the blue ceiling. Roaming this interplanetary expanse, you will find many interesting game machines suitable for children from the age of 2 to 92. Machines like Wheel of Fortune that offers you a chance to win a thousand ticket, or a Color Matching game with a PS4 as one of its Major Prize, for example, will surely attract your attention for hours. If you feel like having some road rage, there is also a boom-boom car arena where you can safely release the tension.

For the little ones, there are also computerized rides where they can sail the ocean while fishing, or ride the seahorse to catch stars. You might need to ride with them if your kiddo is under 2, but beware, parents, you might end up having fun playing with those rides, even more than you kids!

Mikel Coffee is located at the ground floor of Burjuman, near the parking space, so it’s a perfect place to cool you down after your visit to the theme park above. This outlet of the coffee chain from Greece is easy to find as you can see the picture of the face founder’s father, Khadar Hassan, printed on the glass wall of the cafe. I ordered Cappucino Mikelo, their signature coffee, which is a cappucinno with a mix of various kind of milk. I don’t know what kind of milk they mixed, but all I can tell you is that this brew is amazingly delicious. I don’t think I have ever drunk a cappucino like this before, ever.

While sipping my coffee, I decided to order some croissant to accompany my cappucino, and so I asked them to bring me an almond croissant. I thought I made the right decision by choosing this croissant as it was really delicious and creamy with nutty almond flavor, but after a short discussion with my friends who ordered some other type of croissant, I concluded that couldn’t make any wrong choice here. Their croissants, regardless of the variant, are worth savouring for ;).

At the end, we are more than ready to welcoming summer!

New Year Staycation at Royal Rose Hotel

Early January, I got a chance to stay at Royal Rose Hotel located in Abu Dhabi Downtown. Its exterior hints to a 17th century French Palace, it fascinates me every time I pass by the hotel when I’m going to visit Abu Dhabi Mall. But honestly I never had any intention to stay there since I live in Abu Dhabi. Until I got a hotel voucher from Preffered Hotels, hotel booking site. Thanks to OurGlobetrotters who made this happened!

The Hotel is within walking distance from the business hub, government institutions, shopping malls and other leisure facilities. The Abu Dhabi Corniche and promenade is a mere five-minute drive away.

The Room
It’s a 50sq room with one king size bed which more than fit for my family (2 adults and 1 toddler). We really love the clean sheets, fluffy pillows, soft blankets and the bouncy bed. It’s really comfortable, I don’t wanna go home!

The interior is equally opulent, with walls overlaid in intricate gold-leaf designs and accented with ornate chandeliers. Just like any other hotels, the room has all the basics facilities like SDB, cable television, hi-speed internet access, hair dryer, complimentary water bottles and coffee/tea kettle.

Their restroom has towels, soap, shampoo, and dental kit that come from Roberto Cavalli. What I like the most is the bathtub, so huge and fit for the three of us. For families who love to swim, this hotel would be satisfactory because the bathroom came with chloth line to hang your wet swimsuits.

Actually there were so many facilities, they have 3 restaurants, healthclub and spa. But I just want to review their outstanding swimming pool. The temperature controlled, open air roof-top pool with jacuzzi, sun deck and kids pool are a perfect ways to spent the day. Look how my toddler really enjoyed her swimming session!

Almost all the staff are warm and nice but they need make an improvement in valet service area. They should be more responsive in welcoming the guest since they are the first front liner. I think they need to put more efforts to make a good impression.

At the end, we got more than what we paid for. I will be back really soon!

*We personally didn’t order any food in the hotel because the location is close to the Abu Dhabi Mall, so we prefer to having dinner and breakfast outside the hotel.

#babydei Turns One!

About a year ago, mama brought you to the world. Your cry through the night was the most beautiful sound we’ve ever heard. You were born healthy, witnessed by the people who love you. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma gathered around you. Dad and Grandma even stayed in the delivery room to accompany you through our nine hours long fight. Finally you came, along wih our tears, the tears of joy.

Three hundred and sixty five days later, our togetherness wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Never before we felt so stressed out just because you had fever or when you didn’t want to eat. But then again, never before we’ve been so happy seeing you, when you were three-months-and-ten-days old, turned yourself on your belly for the first time, or when we saw you took your first step on your ten month-iversarry. You were our box of surprise that brings happiness after happiness to us.

Oh, by the way, my dear baby, don’t you forget to thank Allah for bringing us a dad who lovingly carried you around, patiently fed you, and even regularly changed your diapers.

Just as your name, Aimee Azalea Deira Cahyadi, mom and dad hope that one day you will become like a refreshing oase and bring blessing and enlightment to the people around you.

Here are the picture of your birthday picnic! Maybe its easier for papa and mama to celebrate your birthday in cafe or restaurant. But we choose to prepare everything by ourselves because someone special deserves anything special. Again, Happy Birthday!


Madang-Korean Restaurant

I recently visited an authentic Korean restaurant near my home, is in Al Ghazal Golf Club near Abu Dhabi Airport. Named Madang Restaurant, it’s situated beside the driving range. Eventhough it seemed quite quiet, I suggest you guys to make a reservation first. Because when I entered the restaurant, there were so many people dined in for lunch.

The ambiance

The first time I saw the building, it looked more European than Korean. But once I walked inside, I could feel the Korean vibes all around. Korean music was welcoming me as I stepped in to the restaurant. Near the entrance, there were Halibuts and Flonders, native fishes of Jeju Island, swam in the aquarium. They were ready to be prepared as sashimi.

The next section is a dining place whose almost 75% of its floor was covered with a traditional floor setting. They also have around 4 private rooms with sliding doors and Korean ornaments on their walls. Most of the dining tables were low and required you to sit on the floors, and low dining tables for those who like to sit on the floor, but some standard ones, with dining chairs, were also available.


The waiters were warm and kind, but they didn’t mention any special promotion. Even though, by reading their announcement board at the entrance, I knew there were some that day. Speaking of promotions, they had a lot of programs such as weekdays lunch packages, or 40% discount of chicken menu in certain days, and many more. So you’d better check the board first.

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I ordered weekday lunch packages that consisted of Sogogi Soup, La Gal Bi, Yangnyom Chicken, and Bulgogi, with free flow tea. The food came with 7 side dishes (fruit salad, octopus salad, spinach salad, jap cae, chinese cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi) You can order the side dishes unlimitedly. I started the lunch with Sogogi Soup, a spicy soup whose main ingredient was beef. The soup also consisted of beansprout, cabbage, radish with light-but spicy broth. Truly perfect for winter! For main dish, first, I savoured La Gal Bi, a Beef Short Ribs grilled and served with lemon. The fresh ribs were marinated with sweet sauce. The delicious ribs perfectly blend with the sour of lemon. Followed after that was Yangnyom chicken, a crispy fried chicken. Dipped into sweet sauce made of garlic, gochujang and chili paste, the taste was superb! My 12 months old daughter really loved the bulgogi, a thinly sliced beef grilled with Korean barbecue sauce. The beef was so tender and tasty.

The location a bit far from Abu Dhabi city, but I do really recommend you to visit this restaurant and give it a try! Their delicious food, really worths every penny.

Palmers Brand Experience: The Fantastic Four Lotion


As a Christmas gift, I received 4 handbag samples of Palmers lotions. I already use 2 from 4 products long before palmers send the sample. So, when Palmers ask me to make a review about their products, the review will be based on my experience.

Let me explain my experience with those products.

1. Cocoa butter lotion, Let me tell you a secret! It becames my arsenal to fight the the summer sun! The ingredients of the lotion is full of Coconut Butter and Vitamin E. It transforms even the roughest, driest areas into buttery soft skin. It is also works for normal to dry to eczema prone skin. Its effectively heals and softens the skin. The scent are fresh and not to sweet, that’s why i buy it for the very first time. I don’t use it for now, though, because it’s winter already ?.

2. Shea butter lotion, my first impression when I applied the lotion to my hand was: OMG! I LOVE THE SCENT! ?. This product not only contains vitamin E but also soybean oil that helps prevents skin from dehydration. Also added to the mixture is Grape seed oil that popularly known to keep skin looking youthful. The most important element is its oatmeal extract which can calm and soothe irritation. I think this product perfect for the ones who have dry and sensitive skin like me.

3. Coconut lotion, it scented sweet just like the coconut. It contains coconut oil as a main ingredient that commonly known to have benefit for moisturizing the skin. After I apply the lotion my skin feels hydrating, soothes and comforts, thanks to the raw and natural ingredients almond oil and monoi oil.

4. Olive Lotion, it contains antioxidant that rich of extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks by building collagen to increase the elasticity of the skin. I recommend this product for pregnant women since all the ingredients are natural. Furthermore, the light and fresh fragrance can help me to feel more relaxed.

After reading my review, hopefully you can decide what product that may suit with your skin needs. If you don’t mind, let’s share with me, which one is your favorite.