Biryani E Khaas: A Biryani Festivity

Last week I was invited to attend bloggers gathering event held by India Palace Restaurant for the launching of four new kind of Biryani. The gathering theme was “Biryani E Khaas, the gala of authentic heritage biryanis”. To be honest, I used to consider biryani as common dish with nothing special. Well, India Palace has proved me wrong for there I ate four of the most delicious biryani I’ve ever eaten! So much so that I decided to write this post to share my experience. After all, this was my first time dinning in in the Indian restaurant.

As the appetizer, India Palace served us two kind of salads. Nawaabi Salad consisted of fresh carrot, cucumber, bell pepper tossed with olive, pine nuts, feta cheese, and a dash of lemon dressing. It tasted delicious and was friendly to my asian-oriented tongue. Combination of feta cheese and lemon gave me a unique sensation. The second salad was Onion Lachcha Salad. It was basically a heap of thin-sliced onion infused with masala, fresh coriander, and lemon juice. I didn’t really like it as I wasn’t used to eating raw onion. Most of my Indian, though, loved it. Looking at this bowl of salad, no wonder I often see them buy bags full of onions, almost as much as the red chili that I buy.

After the appetizer, then came the main course. As the chef and staffs brought the plates, the mouthwatering distinctive aroma suddenly filed the air. I smelled cumin, cinnamon, clove, garam masala, and other spices. The first biryani presented was named Murgh Coorgi Biryani, biryani with generous dose of spices and chicken topping. At first I thought it was beef as it was juicy, until I heard the chef explained the. Menu. I couldn’t find the words to describe the taste, other than amazingly delicious. Plus, it was spicy hot, reminded me of rendang, a well known Indonesian dish.

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We barely scrapped the top layer of Murgh Coorgi when Noor Mahal, the second plate of Biryani, landed on our table. This one had topping of meatball called chicken kofta, and was lighter in flavor compared to the previous one, suitable for those who couldn’t stand hot spices. By the way, the kofta struck us with a surprise: melted cheese. Kids will surely love it!

Third menu was Bohri Chaamp. I didn’t know what spices they put into it, but the aroma of this lamb chop biryani was really appetizing. The lamb melted in your mouth and didn’t have any trace of distinctive smell of sheep. My hubby was not lamb lover, and yet he took scoop after scoop of it.

Our stomach felt like almost exploding when Subz Qabuli Pulao, the fourth biryani appeared. This one was specially designed for those vegetarians. With fruits and vegetables as topping, the spices was not too strong although a little bit to the hot side. I was not a vegetarian, but the sweetness of bit mixed with the savory of dal lentil and the unique taste of pistahio made me fell in love with this biryani.

After being spoiled with all those biryanis, waiters brought us a glass of Faluda. Upon reading that cardamon was one of the ingredient, I frowned. I didn’t like cardamon! But since I was feeling a bit adventurous, I decided to give it a tryand I didn’t regret it at all, as this mix of milk, ice crram, chopped nuts, and kewda syrup (flower of pandanus) made me realize that cardamon can be put into drink also, if you knew how to put it.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. The dishes and drinks were very well above average, and the service was superb. Surely I’ll be back to India Palace for their great biryanis and Faluda.


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