#babydei Turns One!

About a year ago, mama brought you to the world. Your cry through the night was the most beautiful sound we’ve ever heard. You were born healthy, witnessed by the people who love you. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma gathered around you. Dad and Grandma even stayed in the delivery room to accompany you through our nine hours long fight. Finally you came, along wih our tears, the tears of joy.

Three hundred and sixty five days later, our togetherness wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Never before we felt so stressed out just because you had fever or when you didn’t want to eat. But then again, never before we’ve been so happy seeing you, when you were three-months-and-ten-days old, turned yourself on your belly for the first time, or when we saw you took your first step on your ten month-iversarry. You were our box of surprise that brings happiness after happiness to us.

Oh, by the way, my dear baby, don’t you forget to thank Allah for bringing us a dad who lovingly carried you around, patiently fed you, and even regularly changed your diapers.

Just as your name, Aimee Azalea Deira Cahyadi, mom and dad hope that one day you will become like a refreshing oase and bring blessing and enlightment to the people around you.

Here are the picture of your birthday picnic! Maybe its easier for papa and mama to celebrate your birthday in cafe or restaurant. But we choose to prepare everything by ourselves because someone special deserves anything special. Again, Happy Birthday!



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