#babydei and Car Seat

#babydei is 8 months old and since she was  newborn, she always cried whenever I put her in the car seat. She didn’t stop crying from the time her papa started the engine until we arrived to the destination, or until I got her out of the car seat ?

I’ve talked to my husband, maybe it’s all about the car seat. I thought the fabric is not well enough for my baby or maybe it just about the straps too tightly holding her body. I’ve tried so many ways to make her enjoy the trip. From toys to baby food, you name it!

So we decided to change the rear facing car seat to the forward facing one but, again, I was so dissapointed because it didn’t get better even after she faced forward. Then, my husband had a super duper brilliant idea. He asked me to use my seat belt in passenger seat and to show #babydei that I got trapped with the straps too.

Guess what? It worked perfectly ?

Even baby learns from what parents do much more than what parents say ?.

I can understand why some children seemed nice and some were not. Actually it’s not about the children. It’s all about us, the parents. People will easily know about you by the way your child plays, talks and behaves. The ones who are treated respectfully by their parents will show respect, and vice versa.

From now on, I have to be more careful on how I behave in front of my baby #fight ??

Even if there’s nobody expects me to be a perfect mom. Everyone wants to give what best for their children, right?

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