Apply for United Kingdom’s visa from Abu Dhabi

I planned for this holiday since about a year before, and above all things, visa application brought me the most anxiety, since to apply for visa we had to provide issued airline return tickets and confirmed hotel reservations which will be non-refundable if, knock on woods, the visa got rejected by British government. Some travelers hedge against this situation by attaching dummy ticket booking and cancellable hotel reservations. After a short discussion, my husband and I decided to do the things appropriately, because the UK performed random check on some applications and should they found that reservations were dummies, we would be blacklisted.

UK Visa is valid for several countries namely England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. For Abu Dhabi residences who want to have holiday in United Kingdom, we can apply for UK visa online through VFS website. VFS will then send the application to UK immigration services in Phillipine. Required documents might differ slightly from UK Visa application in Indonesia, because of the difference in bilateral agreement between UK and each country.

Some documents that we need to prepare for the applications are:

  • Passport with valid UAE visa, make sure that the UAE visa is still valid for at least 90 days after the planned return date.
  • Emirates ID
  • Booked return tickets and accommodations
  • Proof of accommodations in UAE (Thawteeq or certificate of ownership)
  • Salary slip
  • Reference letter from the employer
  • Current account for the last six months, can be printed from internet banking if we have one.

The steps are as follow:

  1. Open this page, that will bring you to the visa application form that you need to be filled up. The form contains some detailed questions regarding our trip such as itineraries, parent details, travel history, etc.
  2. When we finish with the form, we will be directed to the payment page where we specify the payment details (credit card info, etc) for the cost of USD113 per application.
  3. After finishing the payment, we then choose the appointment date to deliver the required documents and biometrics.
  4. At the chosen appointment date, visit the VFS office (Abu Dhabi branch is in Shining Tower). Here our documents will be verified and our biometrics will be taken. The visa process will take around 20 working days.
  5. Once the process is completed, we will receive confirmation via sms.

Since my place is quite far from the Shining Tower, I decided to hire their courier service, which cost AED25 per application, so our passports were sent directly to our home.

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