5 Tips in Choosing The Right Mobile Apps For Your Kids

In this era of technology almost all kids are attracted to the gadgets, and my 15 months old baby included. She’s seen her mom and dad’s working in front of their laptops, so no wonder if she, to some degree, can already use iPhone, iPad, and even laptop. To be honest, we are not anti-gadget kind of parents, so we don’t try to stay our baby away from those devices, as long as she is within the fair use limit. Within this limit, the gadget can be beneficial to us all, both parents and the kid, and that’s why I had discussion with hubby about downloading mobile apps that are safe for our kiddo, ones that suit her age and, after a lengthy research, we decided to install KidloLand. KidloLand has winning the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, it also conforms with our predefined 5 criteria, which are:

  1. No advertisements. I used to play nursery rhymes which are scattered widely on youtube, until one day I realized that they pun ads inserts at the beginning and within the playlist. Some of the ads were about online games, and I also noticed that my baby expressed fear upon watching some of the ads, perhaps due to violence or to the suspense air brought by the background music.
  2. Can be played offline. We travel almost regularly to Dubai, which is 125 kms away from Abu Dhabi. Sitting for 1.5 hours in the car can be boring even for adults, so you can imagine how bored my baby is to sit on her baby car seat. An application playing nursery rhymes and/or playing games can help ease her boredom.
  3. Educational, and yet not boring. From my childhood memory, being educational usually means being boring, but I don’t want my baby to have that same kind of memory. We want her to keep having fun even when she is learning something, and KidloLand enables her to have just that.

    Even in nursery rhymes mode, the illustrations displayed while the song is played are clickable. Tap on birds and it starts to chip happily, or tap on the castle and it turns into box, or touch a chimney and smoke comes out of it, etc. Those additional animations keep my kid engaged with the apps instead of being a passive audience.

  4. Age appropriate. In the middle of information torrent, we don’t want her grow too quickly. We want her to play as much as she wants, and grows physically and mentally according to her age. KidloLand informs us about the age recommendation for each of its menu and sub-applications, so we can rest assured she accesses only parts that are suitable for her.
  5. Worth the money. For one month of using this application, I keep on finding new menu almost everyday. The team behind Kidloland are quite active in updating the contents. With features of more than 1000 nursery rhymes, lullabies, games, bedtime stories, activities, games and lot of other stuffs I finds it worth every cents of the 24,99 dollars I spent for this apps (subscription for 6 months) and KidloLand can be downloaded from iOS, Google Playstore, and Amazon Appstore.

Well, that are the five criteria for me to select apps for children, and how KidloLand fits them well. Yet don’t forget that no matter how good the application is, the best activity for our children is the activity engaged along with their parent.




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