5 Must Have Applications for me! 

Recently, one of the bloggers groups I have joined with gave a challenge to write an article about five must-have applications in your smartphone. It’s kinda unique challenge and made me a bit confused to choose ?.

After a long discussion with my inner self, i finally made up my mind, and here are the list:

  1. Whatsapp, almost all of my friend have it. From informal chit-chat to business matters, I can do it here. Eventhough lately whatsapp often has slow response, I still use it. As a backup plan, i already download telegram. It’s like whatsapp, but it’s running faster and have simple design as well. For now, atleast.
  2. Instagram, as i love to capture pictures, Instagram  helps me to “freeze” moments and collect memories. Most importantly, nowadays so many celebrities are using this application. It feels so much fun when you walk from one account to another, just for looking for what’s the new trend in fashion/cook/life style or whatever you like.
  3. WordPress, since i decided to be a blogger and promised to keep writing at least one article per week, this application became a must have item for me. This application really facilitates me,  so i can just focus on making the article. With this app on my mobile, I don’t need any laptop or pc anymore. Just write while I can and post it!
  4. Watermark Pro, i always try to do my best in everything, so does in photography. So this is my effort to prevent any piracy. Eventhough some people said it is useless because photoshop can 100% remove your watermark. I just love to do it. Yeah, at least i’ve tried.
  5. Facebook, having a baby means you can’t hang out with your friends as often as before. You will have a “little-tail” who always follows your step. But thanks to Mark for creating this social application, I can still keep in touch with my friends and family, whenever i want, wherever I am!

There you have it, five must-have apps for my phone (4/5 are social media application ???). Anyway, with or without them, don’t let your smartphone separates you from the real world, as The World is the most important application 🙂

How about yours?


      1. hahaha iya hits yang 4 lainnya 😀 Another must-have app nya, 1 lagi VideoShow Pro yu… 😀 mayan hiburan buat bikin video Yuuu…

  1. ‘litle-tail’… ahahahah… i love that word!!

    yess.. i already have 4 of them, except no 4.

    did it work?

    it makes me curious anyway…

    i wanna try it, even i’m just an amateur in photography.

    thanks mbak Ayu for this nice info.

    PS: mbak, aku komen nya gaya2 pake bahasa enggres. sekalian belajar iki. ojok diguyu yoo.. maap2 kalo banyak salah kata. heueheuheu…

    1. Wahhhh ya gapapa mbak,,aku juga masih belajar kok, wong emg bukan native, fasihe e nganggo bhs jawa ?
      Lumayan yang nomer 4 buat ngasi watermark jadi walopun fotonya diambil orang tanpa ijin, copyright-nya tetep dikita #namanyajugausaha ?

  2. What is the group’s name which gave this challenge? Is it international or Indonesian blogger group?
    Btw I just knew from your writing there’s an app for photo watermark, I think I must try this soon! 😉

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